Violent crime and property crime are on the rise. Sacramento’s soft on crime policies have made us less safe.  I strongly oppose ‘Defunding the Police.” As your Assemblywoman I will work to enact tougher penalties for repeat offenders, stop giving DA’s with liberal agendas the freedom to ignore which laws they want to prosecute, and stop letting dangerous felons out of jail early. Let’s start putting the victims first, not coddle the criminals.

As a school board member, I have first-hand experience with the public school system. Right now, California has the 44th worst school system in the nation. Many students around the state can’t read, write, or do basic math when they graduate. This is outrageous, and I’ve spent years fighting to make sure every student – no matter where they live or where they came from – gets the kind of education that makes sure they can get a good job or go to college when they graduate. I strong support parental rights, including letting parent decide what school their student attends.

The costs of food, gas, and other basics keep getting higher and higher. Meanwhile, Sacramento keeps raising our taxes. As your Assemblywoman, it will be my first priority to make life more affordable for everyone. I will vote to suspend the Gas Tax while working families are suffering through this recession. I will vote to use the billions of dollars of state surplus to lower your taxes so that you can afford to pay the bill. I strongly support the Proposition 13 protections that keep our property taxes low so that people who earn less don’t get taxed out of their homes. I oppose any and all new tax increases.

Sacramento politicians have spent billions on failed programs to solve homelessness, and the problem has gotten worse.  I will immediately call on the State Auditor to perform an audit to determine where exactly your money went.  As your Assemblywoman, I will vote for mental health and drug addiction treatment that helps address the root causes of homelessness.  I will make it easier to place people in these treatment centers rather than letting them die in the street. I will demand that we immediately clean up the dangerous and dirty camps and filth that are all over our communities, and hire more police to keep us and our property safe while we solve the problem

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