Soo Yoo


This election is not about politics. This election is about giving people a government that works for themallowing citizens to make critical decisions that directly affect their future for themselves. 

“My goal is to awaken Californians to fight back for our children and their education and re-establish common sense in the Golden State.”

-Soo Yoo, for the 67th District

Lower the cost of living

The costs of food, gas, and other basics keep getting higher and higher. Meanwhile, Sacramento keeps raising our taxes. As your Assemblywoman it will be my first priority to make life more affordable for everyone. I will vote to suspend the Gas Tax while working families are suffering through this recession. I will vote to use the billions of dollars of state surplus to lower your taxes so that you can afford to pay your bills. I strongly support Proposition 13 protections that keep our property taxes low so that people who earn less don’t get taxed out of their homes. I oppose any and all new tax increases.

Fund and collaborate with law enforcement to address the increase violence

Violent crime and property crime are on the rise. I strongly oppose ‘Defunding the Police.” As your Assemblywoman I will work to enact tougher penalties for repeat offenders, and stop giving DAs the freedom to ignore which laws they want to prosecute, and stop letting dangerous felons out of jail early.

End policies that drive families and jobs out of California

During my tenure as a school board member for the past 9 years, I have worked to keep ABCUSD a top-performing district, and I made sure campus safety was the top priority. I fought to keep non-academic, liberal agendas out and to focus on core academic subjects: Math, English, Science, Art, Music and Sports. I believe in parental rights and parental choices, especially medical. California Public Education needs to go to back to the fundamentals–preparing students for college and a career.


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